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Identity Crisis

Identity...who are you? What defines you? So many of us are in our 20s & 30s are still asking the same questions we were pondering upon high school graduation. How many hated hearing that question your senior year? Many have tried and failed and tried again. Many are seeking or pursuing something new. Some may even be stagnant. No matter what stage you are in life, student, single, married, or parent, there is this hovering question we all have to face: Who am I?

So this thing of identity is always in our face. There is always a sense of comparison, while we watch others highlight reel on social media. Which is just that because we all know we aren’t going to put that unedited picture up and we better find the perfect filter before the post (ya hear me ladies?). Living a happy, productive and successful life is all about choice, but what defines you? The problem sometimes is we try and find identity through things we do or jobs we have or titles we hold. What happens when those things change? We lose a sense of self or identity because we let those things define who we are.

When I was pregnant with my first born, there was no denying the miracle that was placed in my womb. Anyone who has had a child knows the God given gift you have been entrusted with. I would always think, I am about to birth another human being, how is this even possible? When you first see your tadpole baby you start dreaming of who they are and what they will become. I could not wait to see if they would like their daddy or me? The biggest question I asked was what is the purpose of this child? Because I know the scripture says, “I formed you and knew you before you were even in your mother's womb.” The thing is, I didn’t create this child, God did and he has a specific purpose for him in this very time in history. My job as a parent is to point him back to his Creator to answer the question, “what am I supposed to do with my life?” Who more to tell him who he is and what he is supposed to do then his very Creator? When we don’t know our Creator, then how can we know ourselves?

Looking back a person may be able to pinpoint important locations on their internal map that have influenced the way they think, operate, and live. What is the most influential event that has happened in your life? How has that defined you? Are you a fighter and that situation brought you out or did you let situations in your life box you in and restrict your future? Every person has his or her own experience and every map is different, but the constant is you are a child of the Creator.

So if you currently feel suspended, confused, and going nowhere then do yourself a favor by connecting with God. Ask Him your questions. Let Him answer the question “Who am I”? Let Him define you; don’t let circumstances, or titles tell you who you are. He wants to tell you why you were created. It is safe to say that your very existence is significant and your purpose is incredible.

"Lord, help me not to find my identity in passing things of this world, but to find everything I am in you."


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