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Your Future... Your Choice

Today is the day of tomorrow. In this time we live in, everything changes so frequently that if our focus is on today then we're already behind. Even before the iPhone 7 came out, people were already talking about the iPhone 8. Whether its a phone or something different entirely, we as a generation are consumed by a focus on what's next. We are always thinking about the next job, next car, next game, and next phone. It's not all small stuff either. We look towards the future of our career, future relationships, marriage, kids, and even our life's destiny. That's all fine and dandy, but if we are merely looking forward to it, then the future we receive may not be as bright as we had hoped.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

The future is coming and there is nothing we can do about it so we choose to embrace it. We enjoy today as much as possible and look forward to what is coming. What is often overlooked is that in many ways we have a hand in determining what we will become. Your future is mostly a product of the choices that you make while you operate in your God given free will. To use an example, if you choose to eat fast food for nearly every meal, there is some weight gain coming for you in the future. In the same way, if you work out and eat right, then you can expect to lose weight and be healthy. To simply look forward to the future is ignorant. This is because we are, at this very moment, shaping our future.

Although health is important, let's take a look at something of a little bigger significance. Let's look at marriage. Marriage is an amazing thing to look forward to and we all want a healthy, loving, supportive relationship. We don't just have to hope for one though. Even today you can invest in a good marriage. To make it easier, you don't even have to know your future husband or wife! Yet, what is so often missed is that if you want a fruitful, loving, Godly marriage that lasts a lifetime then after you're already hitched isn't the time to start working for it. Getting your finances in order, getting in community, breaking your addiction to pornography, and living your life fully for God are all major steps that will prepare you for success in marriage. You don't have to go into marriage just hoping things will go well, but you can go in prepared for whatever comes your way.

The same applies to whatever it is you are looking toward. If its a new job then do the absolute best job you can where you are at today so that when the future job comes doing your best will be second nature. If you are looking towards the next new gadget, then start saving up for it today so that you don't put yourself in debt. This will help you to enjoy it more fully in the future. And most importantly, if you want to serve God fully, giving Him everything, then you absolutely can not wait until tomorrow to do so. You have to start now. If you start to pursue Him intentionally now, then you will be the person you were created to be when the future comes.

Whatever you want in life, you must prepare for it. Tomorrow doesn't just come easily or randomly. Tomorrow is what you make. Are you going to have good finances, a good job, a good marriage, a heart that is truly focused on Christ? If so, then start now. Create your future. Every day you are training yourself for who you will one day become.

So who are you going to be?

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